What's Happening at Markoff's Forest?

Trail 1 “The Woods”

Our Original hike through our woods. This haunt takes you through our woods and into your nightmares. A collection of great spooks and scenes that will leave you breathless. This trail is our “classic” and original trail at Markoff’s.

Trail 2 “The Hollow”

This popular trail is designed with imaginative scenes and disturbing images that intertwine with the original trail. See what everyone is so scared of and step into our dark woods and let your imagination get away from you!

The Town

This excursion starts and ends with a shuttle that drops you off into an old town filled with the worst that our imagination can throw at you and too big to fit in our woods!  Must be in the town by 11pm

Haunted Attractions:

  • Haunted Trail and The Town passes are available for purchase online
  • Finney’s Funhouse passes can only be purchased onsite at Front Circle Ticket booth or concession stands
  • Second trail and The Town passes can be purchased onsite at Front Circle Ticket Booth or concession stands

Front Circle Activities:

  • Front Circle tickets can be purchased onsite at either the Ticket Booth or concession stands.
  • To avoid the lines, purchase a 10-pack of Front Circle Tickets during the online check-out process.

Zipline: 5 tickets

Soar over the crowds surrounded by smoke and fire as you speed to the other end of the field. Patrons launch from 40′ platforms and reach maximum velocity before touching down. Zip-lining at night is best experienced at Markoffs with all the festivities below you.

Death Jump: 5 tickets

The ball is in your court. Climb all the way up, step to the edge, and jump… hopefully the landing isn’t deadly! Coming back after many years, the Death Jump is back and scarier than before. Jump before the darkness becomes permanent.

Giant Swing: 5 tickets

Our big extreme is back after amazing the crowds last season. The scariest release that you’ll regret after you pulled the trigger. Go sailing through the air and over the heads of your friends while the crowd cheers you… but make sure to tie your shoes tight.