understanding the chaos

So if you are CLOSED tonight, what do I do with my ticket? You will be issued a refund if you purchased a ticket on a night that has been cancelled. We hope you choose to come back on another night we are open. This year is one not to be missed!

How do you make the decision to close? Lots of factors go into deciding whether or not we have to close: mainly if the parking lot is not to muddy and cars can get in and out, if the trails are too slippery, and if there are hazards that we are unable to clean up before the front gates open. Since we are only open a select number of nights, we do everything possible to get the trails, and farm ready for our loyal patrons.

What do I do when I arrive? After a long and scary ride through Poolesville, you park in the middle of a field and walk towards the lights and ticketing. There are parking staff to direct you.

Going through Ticketing: There are lit lines in the parking lot and you go through them to the ticketing booth where you will watch a video and hand in a signed waiver. If you bought your ticket on-line, have the print-out ready to be scanned. If you have a “Fast Pass” continue through on-line sales. If you have cash and we are not sold out, you will have to fill out a waiver and go through the cash line. At ticketing you will receive a pass with a number on it that indicates your order for entering the trail. You will need this pass to enter one of the haunted trails. If you lose this pass, you will NOT be refunded and not allowed to enter the haunted trail. If you are a group, you meet by the Fire Engine. in the parking lot.

Hanging out in the Waiting Area: Welcome to the Front Circle or this year, “Backyard Mayhem”! There are huge fires, music and activities while you wait for your number to be called on loud speaker and displayed at the entrances. We count up numerically and depending on many factors it will be a couple minutes between each number. If your group is not the same number, everyone can go through with the largest number (you can go in any time after your number is called – not before)!

What do you get with your trail pass? Your number is your pass into ONE of the two trails! You may choose which one you want to go down. If you lose your trail pass, you will NOT be refunded and not allowed to enter the haunted trail.  You can go through the other trail if you choose when you come back out to the waitng area by purchasing a “2nd Trail Pass”. This costs extra, and is not included with your trail pass.

Do I have to pay more for other attractions? We try to make the waiting area as fun as possible without having to pay for anything else with all the fires, music, dancers, cast of characters, and free attractions; however if you choose to do more we have a variety of other attractions available for additional tickets (See Attractions Page)

Where do I get tickets for other Attractions? Tickets for other Attractions can be purchased in the waiting area at “Tickets” or one of our concessions. They are 10 tickets for $25. Other attractions range from 2 ticket to 8 tickets.

What do I do when my number is called? When your number is called or anytime afterwards you make your way up to one of the trails in the forest: Trail 1 “The Woods” or Trail 2 “The Hollow”.  Patrons go to the door for the desired trail and show your number on your ticket to the “gate keeper”. From there you will get in a short line to adjust for spacing on the trail wait your turn onto the trail.

What do I do if it rains while I am out there? We may choose to stay open if we think it is alright, but if we choose to shut down;  we will issue special pass for you to come on any other night. If we cancel before opening, we will refund all your passes and you will have to purchase a pass for another night.

What are some tips to make sure the forest is a great experience? 1) Follow the lighted path 2) Keep your hands to yourself – although we can touch you, you cannot touch us! 3) No Smoking and Drinking – or you will be escorted out of the forest. 4) Keep Moving – You can pass slow groups, but step to the side if something is wrong. Stopping on trail causes back-ups and ruins everyones experience! 5) Watch your Language – this is a benefit performance for our camps and outdoor programs and we expect you all to show some self control. 6) No Cell Phones or Photography… on the trail. You will lose your phone and be upset and it will probably get trampled!

Where do I go if I lose something? You can fill out a report at the DJ booth in the center of the Waiting Area. If we find it, we will get in touch with you, and you can always call the Calleva office 301-216-1248. If you lose your trail pass, you will NOT be refunded and not allowed to enter the haunted trail.

What’s the deal with your amazing food? Most of our food is from what was raised or grown right here on the Calleva Farm. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Should I stop and shop in Poolesville? This is a MUST because we love our town and want to show you how great it is. Stop at one of our sit down restaurants and upgrade to a “Fast Pass”! It is wonderful town and has so many great places to shop and eat – take advantage of it!

Where else can I get discounts? If you see us at an event or parade, get a flyer with a discount code! We also have tickets available for early season nights through Living Social. Fast Passes are only available through select restaurants in Poolesville.

Is there and age limit for walking the trail or town? The Woods, The Hollow, and The Town are scary events and we do not recommend anyone under the age of 12 to participate. Ultimately, you know your children and what you deem appropriate, but we don’t want to be the cause of nightmares…or do we!

Oops! I bought passes for the wrong date or something has come up and I will need to change the date of the ticket? If you purchased for an incorrect night or if you suddenly have a conflict on the night of previously purchased pass we ask that you purchase additional passes for the night that you can attend. Then you should email back the pass order that needs to be cancelled and we will refund and void those passes.

What is your refund policy if something comes up and we can not attend at all?  Consider it a donation to Calleva. The funds raised through the Haunted Forest go towards a variety of scholarships, school discounts, and developmental projects. If there are special circumstances, call the office 301-216-1248.

What is the typical wait time before we can go to the trail? That is a hard question as it depends on the time and date that you arrive at Markoffs. As the night gets later and the crowd grows so does the wait time. We have other activities to pass time as you wait but if you want the fastest way to the trail come early in the evening.

Do we need to pay for parking? No, we are located on a farm and have lots of room for cars and buses.